Pictured above, from left to right: Howard Kaplan, Senior Vice President/Investments, Scott Litwin, Senior Vice President/Investments,

About Kaplan, Litwin, Kaplan & Associates

  • We emphasize multigenerational relationships
    • We believe investment planning is most effective when the whole family is considered – including future generations
    • Many of our client relationships involve three generations of families
  • Concierge service is key to our approach
    • We work hard to anticipate your needs and respond whenever you need us
    • We employ every resource at our command to give you what you need
  • We do business on a referral-only basis
    • Our clients are our best advocates
    • We don't make cold calls
  • We are responsive
    • The market, economy, and needs of clients change
    • We are disciplined investors and know the difference between what is appropriate for our clients and what is popular at the moment
    • KLK Wealth Management Group applies new disciplines and techniques when our clients can benefit