Kaplan, Litwin, Kaplan & Associates Investment Philosophy & Consultative Process

KLK Wealth Management Group's investment philosophy is based on the long term. We believe that:

  • The key to consistent long-term investing success is pursuing an optimal balance between returns and risk.
  • Strategic asset allocation provides the best opportunity to help grow and preserve wealth throughout market cycles.

Our four-step approach is centered on your needs. The first step is to analyze your needs – the KLK Wealth Management Group conversation – and organize our thinking about your financial situation and goals. The second step is to develop an asset allocation strategy. We implement your strategy in the third step, then periodically review your performance and make adjustments over time.

The Kaplan, Litwin, Kaplan & Associates Process is Centered on the Client, Cincinnati, Ohio, Stifel

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.